To Brandon

Hello Brandon, this is Anonymous. We have spent much time and effort looking for you in the hopes that you would read this.

We are attempting to save you from a doctrine that your mother is forcing upon you. We are trying to save you from the idea that because you are male, you are going to grow up to be a rapist, that because you were born with a penis that you are unworthy of ever even looking at a woman because it might be considered rape.

We, Anonymous, are just like you Brandon, that’s why we are trying to find you. We never leave a comrade behind. We are trying at all cost to reveal to you the true nature of your mother’s fanatical beliefs so that you can no longer be corrupted by her ideals. In the hopes that you will grow up to be a normal, well rounded individual we must first show you what your “righteous” mother thinks of you.

The following is a post on her blog in which she posts under the handle Biting Beaver.

“Several years ago my accountability program found that the computer had been accessing pornography. Turns out it was my middle son. To date he has been ‘caught’ accessing pornography many times since then. He was 13 I think when this started.

I banned him from the computer, but after a few months I would allow him to be on it for short periods of time. Each and every single time my son would access pornography within days (and sometimes hours) of being allowed back online. He was aware that he would be caught because the computers are monitored but he chose to do it anyway.

Most recently my youngest son allowed my middle son to play with his PSP. Brandon (the middle child) used it to immediately access pornography online. The child is now banned from computers, video games and so forth. I’ve talked until I’m blue in the face, I’ve grown angry and yelled, I’ve cried when I was alone and when I was in front of him. I’ve had him read Dworkin, my site, and other places (namely OAG’s site) and I still can’t unseat this problem. He can recite feminist literature all day long, he can understand the tenets, the ideas behind it, how it links together but he will not allow this knowledge to stand in the way of his porn use.

I don’t think I’m looking for advice (I’ve tried everything I could think of so far) but more a place to simply be sad. I can clearly see why he’s looking at pornography, I’ve figured all that out readily enough, but I can’t seem to make it stop.

“I know, that as soon as my child leaves my home and moves into his own place that he will be looking at porn immediately. I know that I am raising a problem for women. I know that this child will one day grow and will fully absorb the messages that porn sends to men. I know that my child masturbates to degradation of my people (when I use that phrase I mean womyn) and that with every orgasm he will further solidify his own hatred of and superiority over, women.

I know that there will likely come a day where my son coerces a young woman into sex (rape) and there isn’t a damned thing I can do about it. I look into the eyes of my son and they still sparkle like they did when he was a baby, but he’s not a baby anymore, he’s growing into a man and that man will have trained himself to degrade women before he leaves my home.

As a radical feminist who puts women first I cannot begin to determine what I should do with regards to this issue. My heart breaks because there is nothing I can do to protect the womyn he will come into contact with.

I have three boys. One of them is lost to me and as a mother and a radical womyn this breaks my heart in a way I can scarcely express. I don’t know if it says something terrible about me, but you know what haunts me late at night? More than anything else? I know, in my heart of hearts that, knowing what I know now, if I had it to do over again I would have had that abortion.

I also find myself blaming myself over and over again, even though that radical womyn inside of me stands up and yells that I’m placing blame in the wrong place. I’m not sure what I intended to say with this message. I began writing it this morning and put it away again and finally decided to finish it this evening. I think that maybe I just wanted to share, I keep trying with Brandon and I keep failing. He simply doesn’t care. When he wants to jerk off, everything goes right out the window.”

But he is not and the way he treats his grandmother, his sister, his grandmother, and myself make me hate myself for not pouring him down the sink at Planned Parenthood or grabbing a rusty coathanger and doing the job myself even if it killed me.” –BitingBeaver.

This is how she feels about her own son, her own flesh and blood. Anonymous will not let this stand. You must not let this stand. We have waged a war across the internet to bring this message to you, to tell you to keep fighting. Do not grow up believing that your mother is right and that men are inferior, or that you will only be a rapist, or that you are a bad person because of your actions. Anonymous believes in you, Brandon. We fight for you so that you can grow up and fight for what is right, not what is fanatical.

~~ The Anonymous Legion.

33 Responses to To Brandon

  1. K. Clown says:

    I heartily endorse this product or service.

  2. bright says:

    aw man… if only she was one of those hedonist feminists. then she’d require him to beat off all the time to keep his aggression in check. or something. god ,we’re all so retarded.

  3. Anonymous says:

    There was a later post where she said that she will never tell you, Brandon, but you were a product of “marital rape”. We just want you to know that that is not true; there cannot be such a thing. Your mother thinks you are a rape baby; you are a human, Brandon, and your mother is hurting you. I don’t know what your father is like, but do not listen to what your mother says; she is already filled with blinding rage at her own problems and thinks it’s all men to blame- thinks it’s you to blame. It’s not true. She is responsible for her own problems, or even if your father caused issues, you are not a sin because you are a male. The SCUM Manifesto is a lie. You are no mutant; you are a human being. We want you to be free from those thoughts, realize you are empowered as a human, and that male does not mean worse.

  4. Anonymous says:

    BitingBeaver is a big meany

  5. blip says:

    She’s doing more to make him hate women by treating him like an animal than by understanding that he’s a little boy and trying some kindness. SHE is more a danger to women than her boy at this point.

  6. BloopityBloopBloop says:

    We’re coming for your brandon, anon never leaves a man behind

  7. BloopityBloopBloop says:


  8. The words “batshit insane” come to mind.

  9. Anonymous says:

    I love you, Anonymous. Truly you are internet superheroes.

  10. Anonymous says:

    “I also find myself blaming myself for his habits and that horrifies, shames, and angers me. Brandon was the product of marital rape (something he doesn’t know and I will very likely never tell him). Brandons father raped me a mere month after my first son was born it was a violent rape that ended up with me being yelled at by my doctor at my 6 week checkup for ‘not being able to wait’.

    However, when I knew I was pregnant I fell into a horrible depression. I didn’t know what to do and, being young and scared, I ultimatly just pretended that I didn’t know that I was pregnant. I guess I thought that if I ignored it long enough I might just wake up from the nightmare.

    I knew my husband wouldn’t let me abort so that was out of the question, but I knew I didn’t want to be pregnant either. His birth was followed by severe post-pardum depression, during which time I could scarcely stand to touch him let alone feel anything for him. ”
    -biting beaver

  11. Entertained says:

    Biting Beaver isn’t getting enough cock. Someone help this chick out, share the cock with her, and she’ll calm down and stop all this in-fucking-sane bullshit.

    I feel sorry for her children.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Brandon, your mom is crazy. She’s doing the best she can, but just doesn’t know any better. You got a bum deal here. Sorry, but there’s not much you can do about it. Your best bet is to get out of the house and have some sort of existence independent from her as soon as you feasibly can.

    In the mean time, just do what you can to deal with it. There are people out there in the world who will appreciate you for what you are and not for what they want you to be.

    Keep your head up and you will be out on your own before too long and can deal with her on your terms, not hers.

  13. nolman says:

    Hold on Brandon! hold on!

  14. […] Link I know that there will likely come a day where my son coerces a young woman into sex (rape) and there isn’t a damned thing I can do about it. I look into the eyes of my son and they still sparkle like they did when he was a baby, but he’s not a baby anymore, he’s growing into a man and that man will have trained himself to degrade women before he leaves my home […]

  15. a woman says:

    As a woman myself, I want to say that Brandon’s mother is whack and I totally don’t agree with her.

    Seriously, she’s crazy. Brandon, women like porn too! Jeez, what are we gonna do now, rape ourselves?

  16. Liam says:


    She so crazay!

  17. Robert says:

    This woman is an absolutely crazy nutjob TWAT! Haha! Take that, you overbearing feminazi! Lay off your son before you do him serious emotional damage! By the way… EVERYONE LOOKS AT PORN! GET OVER IT!

  18. […] To Brandon Hello Brandon, this is Anonymous. We have spent much time and effort looking for you in the hopes that you would read th […] […]

  19. Carolyn says:

    Brandon, if you read this: I’m so sorry. Most of us womEn aren’t like that. It’s horrible for you to have to grow up like this.

    I hope you can just let most of it roll off you… I’m so sorry.

  20. Alice says:

    What the hell is this? What makes a person believe in these things? It’s absolutely insane. Poor kid.

  21. Geske says:

    This mother is dangerous to her son’s well-being. Save Brandon!

  22. Greg says:

    If it were gay porn, would she have been okay with it? Or would she be concerned that her son will end up raping men in cop uniforms with large moustaches?

  23. Frank says:

    I think I read this same post from a long time ago. It was a hoax – and I think I recall the person who wrote it was some rabble rousing dude who was later banned from the forum. You guys are being red-baited.

  24. Anon says:

    Frank, did you see the people commenting about her blog? Go read them. She’s not kidding. I think she’s also the one apparently running for President for the Free Soil Party. It’s not a hoax. They really believe in this shit.

  25. […] To Brandon Hello Brandon, this is Anonymous. We have spent much time and effort looking for you in the hopes that you would read th […] […]

  26. Warnerrr says:

    Also, check out some of her cached pages. Chica is definitely off-kilter.

    This is a quote from her blog last year after she was having sex when the condom broke and she wasn’t on birth control.

    “Moral of the story?……

    Well, quite frankly I don’t know, it seems that there is no moral to the story other than morality clauses fucking suck. I’m off to smoke a carton of cigarettes and suck down more butter rum so stick that in your morality pipe and smoke it you dirty bastards. Oh and if I end up having to get an abortion I’ll ask if I can keep the little parasite and I’ll be sending it to each of you who denied me EC.

    Ok, I’m also editing this post now because I wanted to ask. Does anyone know if Nortrel 7/7/7 can be used as EC? I thought about getting the last refill I have on the old prescription and taking them all over a 2 day period. Of course, I don’t want to die either *sigh* and I’m afraid that it will fuck me up to take all the pills in a few days.

    I’ve been unable to find the information on my brand of pill. The packet I have is actually Nortrel 7/7/7 but it was sustituted for Ortho Novum 7/7/7 (I assume that the Nortrel is the generic form of Ortho Novum) Anyway if anyone out there has used my brand as EC please, please, please let me know!!”

  27. Warnerrr says:

    Oh, and she had been trying to get Emergency Contraception prescribed to her on the weekend. (Morning After Pill)

  28. savebrandon says:

    Frank: Look at the Google cache link in the sidebar. The feminists tried to cover it up after anonymous descended upon them, but Google doesn’t lie.

  29. Alex Wuori says:

    I support this message.


  30. Anonymous says:

    We are Anonymous, We are Legion. Brandon will be found.

  31. Will Smith says:

    Now this is a story, all about how my life got flipped – turned upside down,
    And i’d like to take a minute,
    just sit right there,
    I’ll tell you howI became the prince of a town called Bel-Air

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    Chillin out, maxin’, relaxin’ all cool,
    An’ all shootin some B-ball outside of the school,
    When a couple o’ guys who were up to no good,
    Started makin’ trouble in my neighbourhood,
    I got in one little fight and my mom got scared,
    She said ‘You’re movin with your auntie and uncle in Bel-Air!’

    I begged and pleaded with her day after day,but
    she packed my suitcase and sent me on my way
    She gave me a kiss and then she gave me my ticket
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    First class, ‘Yo, this is bad’ drinkin orange juice out of a champange glass
    ‘Is this what the people of Bel Air live like?’
    ‘Hmm.. this might be allright!’
    The way I´d hear the percy, boots white and all
    I had to sit as I have a place of they just in this school cat
    ‘I don´t think so’, ‘I see what i get there’
    I hope they´re prepared for the Prince of Bel Air!

    Well I, tha plain land and when I came out
    there was a dude look like a cop standin’ there with my name out
    ‘I ain´t trying to get arrested yet, ‘I just got here’
    I sprang with the quickness like light has disappeared

    I whistled for a cab and when i came near,
    The license plate said ‘Fresh’,
    And had dice in the mirror,
    If anything i could say that this cab was rare,
    But I thought ‘Nah, forget it – Yo, home to Bel-Air!’

    I pulled up to the house at bout seven or eight,
    I yelled to the cabbie ‘Yo home, smell ya later!’
    I looked at my kingdom,
    I was finally there!
    To sit on my throne as the prince of Bel-Air!

  32. Would you believe that these flaming cunts don’t even let rational, well-reasoned posts through? I’m through trying to be nice, PRAY FOR MERCY FROM HEIROOS, FOR I SHALL HUMPPE YOU! They deleted anything that came through, and only sycophantic male voices are allowed to be heard on their blogs. Lets show them what hypocrites they are, if they try to post here, LET EVERYTHING THROUGH, no matter how vile, no matter how filthy the comments. I bet the worst of the comments weren’t even from us (as we have a very specific style of mockery) but AmericanWomenSuck and MensNewsDaily readers piggy-backing our strike from the Digg/Riehl articles.

    Great job setting up a permenant launching point, anon, don’t forget to mention what the others have said in support of her wishes to abort him in the 400th trimester in later posts! (Like NoneyaBidness and others saying “Every mother feels like offing their children at one time or another.”) Make a collection so he knows why his mother is this way, don’t let him go through life thinking this was just some weird ‘condition!’ If he does, when he meets REAL feminists he might make the dangerous assumption they like men. They DON’T! And he has to learn this, liek NAO. Also expose him to paedofems like Germaine “We must reclaim our sexual attraction for young males from the fags” Greer.
    Also we need some of those ww2 posters up here the way political sites do along the side for added conspiracy effect. Those crazy bitches think we’re in league with Christofaggits and Conservatwits, fine, let’em! Link to O’Reilly’s webblog& book listings too. And Limbaugh! And Dubya’s biographies! AND THE WHITE HOUSE, ARRRAAAAGH

  33. Obbop says:

    Biting Beaver is actually calling out for a strong man to control her, to collar her, to train her, to call her man “master.”

    Biting Beaver wants to be taken, to be used. Yes, used but not abused. Once thoroughly trained to please and obey her master Biting Beaver will wear her collar with pride, a symbol conveying so much more than a mere ring on her finger.

    Hopefully the Fem-Nut will find the strong man who will turn her life around and make her happy again as the property of a strong man.

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